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    track your fitness
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    first step!

    track your fitness
    journey from a-z

    Goals oriented

    expert guidance

    education approach


    designed to achieve your 2024 fitness goals.

    Detect the composition of your body, detect your injuries propose a nutrition plan and provide workout plan to achieve your 2024 fitness goals.


    • We track your fitness journey from A-Z, ensuring you see results.
    • Our experts provide guidance on how to train and what to eat.
    • Save by avoiding buying the services separately and give consistency on your goals in this fitness journey.

    what is included?

    All access membership 12-months
    Body Assessments x2 sessions
    Diet consultation x1 sessions
    Personal training x3 sessions

    start your fitness journey

    step 1

    body assessments

    2 sessions

    • Body composition assessment
    • Mobility assessment
    • Lifestyle analysis
    • Exercise/class schedule

    step 2

    Diet consultation

    1 session

    Based on the assessments, a dietary plan with nutritional education on food quality, amount, and exercise timings will be provided.

    step 3

    Personal training

    3 sessions

    60 mins per session, to give the right guidance on the workout, body positioning and workout with injuries.

    step 4

    Progress assessment

    1 session

    At the end of your 3rd month in the StartFit program, you will undergo a Progress Assessment to measure and reflect on your advancements.

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