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LET THEM master the air!

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Let your child master the air

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    Let your child master the world of dance

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      When our juniors are floating in the air in a hoop, they are also strengthening their upper body, balance, flexibility, and confidence. Learning different poses and transitions contributes to improved spatial awareness and body control.
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      Aerial hammocks encourage juniors to use their bodies in various ways, promoting balance, strength, and flexibility. Climbing, swinging, and hanging upside down help develop motor skills and enhance overall physical coordination.
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      Our juniors learn to climb, invert, and drop with seemingly effortless grace on silk. Aerial silk requires the use of various muscle groups, promoting strength and toning throughout the body. Climbing, holding poses, and performing transitions engage the core, arms, legs, and back muscles, contributing to overall muscle development.
      Sally Andros

      Meet the Program Manager

      Sally is an aerialist and gymnast who has been teaching and performing for more than 8 years. She’s extremely versatile, teaching silks, lyra, hammock, pole, hoop, flexibility, gymnastics and conditioning.


      Learning Aerial Fitness is dependent on the child's fitness level and previous experience. Factors such as previous gymnastics or dance experience, natural athleticism, and consistent practice all play a role in how quickly one child progresses. Generally, it can take several months to a year to become proficient in basic aerial hoop skills, but mastery can take years of dedicated training. It's important to approach aerial arts with patience, dedication, and a focus on safety to progress effectively and avoid injury.
      Children can generally start aerial fitness around 5 or 6 years old when they have the strength and coordination needed. It's important to consider each child's readiness and consult with qualified instructors for safe participation. Specialized classes may be available for younger children to ensure a fun and safe experience.
      In classes led by our expert coaches, kids learn to climb, wrap, and pose on aerial silks, building strength and flexibility safely. These structured sessions prioritise fun while teaching proper techniques for a positive aerial experience.
      Aerial classes introducing children to aerial arts and fitness in a safe and structured environment. Through supervised classes led by our expert coaches, kids learn basic techniques, build strength, improve coordination, and boost confidence while having fun. These classes are tailored to children's abilities while taking into consideration the safety of each child, providing a positive and empowering experience for young aerialists.

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        Before we start, we carefully assess each child’s specific skills and performance in their chosen discipline.

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        These programs are designed in advance for every level by experienced, elite coaches.

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        We then track the development of their skills throughout the term, following which ones are improving, and which ones aren't.

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        At the end of each term, we can give them clear targets to focus on, allowing you to help them hone some skills at home, or in 1-1 classes with our specialists. Eventually, when they’re ready, they progress to the next level.